Cirro Vaporizer Review


Paul B. is Vancouver-based Cannabis enthusiast and all-round smart guy.  We solicited his advice when sourcing our perfect vaporizer and he provided this review free of charge. He did receive a test-unit from us gratis which he still uses every day.  


The Cirro is one of the best all around portable vaporizers I’ve ever used, even compared to much more expensive alternatives. The device excels with its excellent vapor quality, single button operation, and ultra durable construction. While it might not feature a digital temperature readout or provide phone connectivity, the fact that the herb chamber is so easy to clean, puts this vape far above the competition.


The Cirro heats from room temperature to full heat in about 45 seconds, and provides excellent vapor clouds from first puff to last. Great airflow provided by the mouthpiece, makes it capable of creating moderate clouds after a couple of puffs, and huge thick clouds when the temperature is set to the max. I’m a huge fan of the vapor flavour from this device, which is usually one of the weakest points for portable vapes. Fun fact: When a vape oven chamber is too wide or deep, the herb in the middle doesn’t get heated properly, which requires multiple stirs per session. The Cirro avoids this problem by striking a good balance between maximizing the surface area of the heated herb, and distributing heat evenly throughout the oven chamber. The average session length from a single bowl is at least a couple minutes before requiring a stir (if at all), upon which a few additional puffs can be attained. A single charge of the Cirro battery enables at least a few separate sessions, and uses a standard micro USB for charging, which is great for emergency charges, as odds are you’ll be able to find someone that uses the same cable to charge their phone.


The curved oval design of the Cirro is very comfortable to hold, and is extremely fun to fidget with between tokes. The black metal body provides a very slick design, which favours discretion over flashiness. For example, a small press on the of top of the vape causes a mouthpiece to appear with a satisfying click. The Cirro also keeps a low profile by trading a complex touchscreen interface, for an intuitive single button control, and a separate indicator light for each of the four supported temperature presets. Another huge plus of the Cirro is that it automatically turns off after inactivity, so you never need to worry about burning the herb, or draining the battery.


To load the vape, simply pull upwards on the top half of device until pops open, rotate the top section left or right until heating chamber is accessible, and fill the oven about ¾ full. Once the top section is closed, double click and hold the power button until the vape turns on, and in less than a minute you’re good to go. When the oven needs a refill, there’s a hidden herb canister tucked in the bottom of the vape, which can easily be popped out and deposited into the chamber.

Build Quality

The solid metal frame of the Cirro makes for an extremely sturdy design, that could easily withstand accidental drops, or getting crushed in a bag. It’s one of those devices that you can carry loosely amongst other gear, and you never need to worry about it getting damaged or it losing any parts. The swivelling mouthpiece folds securely into the top of the device, ensuring that the air passage is protected from any debris that may have entered during transport. I also really appreciate the sturdiness of the mouthpiece, which features a good size passage for airflow, and folds flat to keep the overall vaporizer profile at a minimum. The vape can also be easily disassembled, which allows for convenient cleaning of every facet of the device. Everything else included in the package is also of an extremely high quality, including the cleaning tools, screens, and even the box itself!


With its excellent vapor quality, simple design, and stellar portability, the Cirro stands as one of the best all around vaporizers on the market. I highly recommend the device if you are looking for something that’s easy to use, and you favour performance and durability over flashiness. The extremely intuitive functionality also makes this a great vape for beginners, or those that just don’t want to be bothered with complex controls.


Cirro Usage Cheat Sheet
Turn On or OffDouble click and hold button until the device turns on or off.
Change Temperature PresetDouble click and release button to increment to a higher temperature (or cycle back to low if already at max).


You can purchase the Cirro here.  Use code to receive 20% off.

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