COSA Launch


Hello and welcome to the COSA Blog. We are so proud to announce the launch of the COSA website and e-commerce store. COSA is a lifestyle products company based out of Western Canada, with offices in Vancouver and Calgary. Our mission is to form a community of like-minded professionals who use cannabis in moderation to enhance active, professional lifestyles. From the boardroom to the mountain summit, we seek to identity products that showcase superior quality, durability and discretion. As we like to say, we’re here to make cannabis fit. Whether this involves fitting into your daily routine, your weekend adventures or your social gatherings, COSA’s products were selected or designed for refinement and usability. As you showcase your scotch glasses, your cocktail shaker or wine carafe, we want you to feel comfortable showcasing your marijuana consumption products.


As Canada prepares to become the first nation in the G7, and the second nation in the world, to legalize marijuana, we see the conversation and stigma around marijuana use rapidly changing. It was exactly one hundred years ago, starting in 1918, that Canada introduced a national prohibition on alcohol. While this was short-lived, many provinces continued with prohibition long after the war (Prince Edward Island maintained prohibition through 1948). As regulation was slowly introduced, rather than an outright prohibition, the stigma around alcohol use changed, and we expect to see the same with cannabis.


The products sold by COSA were all identified for their elegance, practicality and locality. We strive to source our products locally and support Canadian businesses. In some cases, for products such as vaporizers, we are forced to look outside of Canada. COSA does not dropship, every product purchased from the COSA site comes directly from our warehouse in Calgary. We believe in forming a personal connection with our customers through our products and our community. In this way, COSA is uniquely and proudly Canadian. We welcome you with open arms and glowing hearts.


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Welcome to COSA.

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